i-Term as knowledge-base

i-Model is a graphical concept-modelling tool, which is an add-on module to i-Term.

i-Model allows you to organise the concepts interlinked in an ontology diagram.

Simply use your mouse to draw relations between concepts.

i-Model supports a variety of relation types matching real-world concept systems.

You can add 'characteristic features', 'subdivision criteria' and notation/position numbering to the concept system.

That way, it is quick and easy to create a systematic overview of concepts within a particular subject area.

Suddenly terminology work  becomes fun, and you are doing knowledge management in a truly maintainable way.

Both UML and traditional diagrams supported

Many i-Term users are accustomed to the i-Term diagram standard as shown above.

However, i-Term supports the new UML terminology diagram standard as well. Simply select which diagram standard you prefer through a menu choice.

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