References to some of our esteemed i-Term users

DANTERM Technologies

The company is located in beautiful Copenhagen where distances to green parks, beaches and nice architechture are short.

It's a great inspiration for creating innovative software like i-Term.

We are proud to say that the i-Term system is hosted in a modern and powerful data center with focus on optimum data safety and with additional efforts to protect the environment.

The need for the highest level of data security becomes apparent when studying the list of clients above. We therefore put a lot of focus on protecting the customers' data.

We also take pride in providing thorough customer services and keeping i-Term up-to-date.


i-Term is a result of many years of research by the former DANTERMcenter.

As the i-Term system grew over more than ten years from a prototype to a fully fledged platform with many users in the industry, it was clear that it would be an advantage to separate research from product development, operations and customer services.

In January 2016 DANTERMcenter was therefore split into the DANTERM Research group at the Copenhagen Business School and the company DANTERM Technologies. However, the two keep in close contact.

DANTERM Technologies handles operations and software development, and through our colleagues at DANTERM Research we ensure that our software complies with international standards.

DANTERM Technologies ApS | CVR 37096954 | Copenhagen - Denmark | contact@danterm.dk