The DANTERMcentre is the centre for terminology at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) and one of the country’s leading consultancy and development centres in the fields of language technology, terminology and concept modelling. On this site you can learn more about our consultancy work, courses and language technology software, including the knowledge and termbase i-Term.

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Two-bladed horizontal-axis propeller, aerogenerator, feeding pusher and rennin. What exactly are they? Does your company also have technical terms that you can’t look up in an ordinary dictionary? Make your own knowledge base, then! Now you can try out i-Term online absolutely free.

Write to us and get an access code to www.i-term.dk

Terminology work – better finances

You can save a lot of time and hence a lot of money in the workplace if you can avoid misunderstandings caused by different interpretations of what things mean. Read more about cost-benefits of terminology work.

Courses for you and your company

We can tailor a course to your company’s needs on anything from the organisation of technical language and construction of a term- and knowledge base to a course on how to find websites of interest to translators and others who work with language.

Do it yourself

If you have been thinking of creating a term- and knowledge base, or if you would like to know a bit more about how to work with terminology, feel free to contact us.